Tanita Bodytrax System TBS-001

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Key Features
The secure boditrax Cloud delivers data that matters most toclients, anytime, anywhere on any web enabled device deliveredover an attractive touch screen, stand alone unit, dedicated iOS
app or website.
Tanita Advanced Multi frequency segmental BIA technology
Customised management reporting system
2 year unlimited software license agreement
Customisation of the front panel and software dashboard
Max weight capacity 270kg with 100g accuracy
Width: 490mm / 640mm inc. Handgrips, Height: 1630mm,
Depth: 720mm, Weight: 65kg

Tanita Bodytrax System TBS-001


What’s included: - A personalised system, tailored to business requirements - Standard front panel design or client design - 2 year unlimited software license agreement - Software in local language - Pre-installation review to ensure smooth integration and set up - Member access to their data and progress reports via dedicated iOS App (Android to follow) and website - Mainframe integration and dashboard personalisation with your company logo and colours. - Tailored management reports to suit business needs - Seamless upgrades to the system software at no additional costs - Continual security updates - 3 year warranty with technical support Core Body Composition Measurements: - Body fat % - Fat mass kg - Muscle mass kg - Total Body Water % - Extra Cellular Water kg - Intra Cellular Water kg - Body mass index - Bone mass kg - Physique rating - Visceral fat rating - ECW/TBW ratio - Basal Metabolic Rate kcal - Metabolic Age - Segmental readings for each leg, arm and trunk: - Fat percentage - Fat distribution rating - Muscle mass rating - Muscle mass kg - Muscle mass balance

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